RealAction Pro Price & Review 2023 – 4K Action Camera

RealAction Pro is not just the leader in the action camera field, its name is synonymous with the very type. Its cameras are found atop the helmets of skiers, cyclists, and parachutists and mounted to the end of selfie-sticks around the world. However, there are several companies making action cams to compete with the leader; let’s have a look at a few options.

RealAction Pro Price & Review

What is RealAction Pro?

RealAction Pro camera will record in 1080p at 30fps or 720p at 60fps to capture fluid movement in high definition. Like the Go Pro, this portable sports camera uses an Ambarella Digital Signal Processor to process and encode clear quality video without any bottlenecks. This camera comes with a built-in LCD display on the back to view life and recorded video, and tons of accessories (see what’s included below) making it suitable for just about any application you need it for.

You can use it to make vacation videos, go hiking or skiing, skydiving, or even for underwater use in diving and swimming. This camera is also great for recording video of fast moving action thanks to the 60fps recording rate at 720P, and can take snapshots up to 12MP resolution.

RealAction Pro Speficifications

This camera has a wide 140° angle of view to capture most everything you’d see with your eyes. You can use up to a 32GB MicroSD memory card for video storage. It is very lightweight coming in at only 2.82 oz (without accessories) making it easy to carry or wear.

RealAction Pro Price & Review

This portable DVR camera comes with a miniUSB cable that you can use to charge the removable internal battery by plugging it into any USB port on your computer, or a mobile phone charger outputting 5V DC at 500mA or higher amperage.

RealAction Pro Features

  • Professional Stable Action Video Recording
  • With Full Range Color Sensor 4K Camera
  • High Speed Processor 60 FPS @ Full HD
  • With Built-in WiFi Module For Live Mode
  • Small Form Factor And Lightweight Setup
  • Suitable For All Kind of Sport Activities
  • Easy to share pictures and videos
  • WiFi Function
  • Wide-angle coverage
  • 4K Ultra HD
  • Waterproof to 100 feet
  • Image Stabilization mode
  • 170° Fisheye Wide Angle
  • Available in two different colors – Black and Yellow

Customer Review

-Not the sort of thing I would usually buy but glad I did. Now that I have it, everyone wants to know where I got mine from. – Marry S, New York

-So glad I bought one, it didn’t take long to arrive but since I’ve had it I have to say it is my most used gadget. Unbelievable considering the price. I use mine every day and life wouldn’t be the same without it now. The instructions are super easy to follow which is good because I’d never used one before.” – Shawn, Florida

RealAction Pro Review

I usually like traveling a lot to different places and a trip is incomplete without capturing moments. Taking the Real Action Pro with me on the trip was completely awesome. The way it captures some surreal images and videos without any defect is absolutely amazing. Completely Recommend this product!

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