Do you get up in the course of the evening in a chilly sweat worrying about how cumbersome and unpleasant your keysmart is? In fact not. However when one thing as cool as this key organizer comes alongside, it makes you cease and take a second have a look at your bulky, leg-poking, annoyingly archaic keychain. I imply, there’s gotta be one thing higher, proper? Effectively, there may be!

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Introducing The Future Of Keychains!

It’s referred to as KeySmart – THE Original Key Organizer. KeySmart’s patented ‘S’ design permits it to carry 8 keys + your key fob! Which additionally offers it that tight, smooth, compact ‘Swiss-Stylefeel and look.



Greater than 2 MILLION Bought in 173 international locations!

And while you see how tight and compact KeySmart is, it’s laborious to not be impressed – and straightforward to grasp why it’s so popular.

It’s bedtime and also you’ve solely simply gotten again to your house.  The workplace is lastly up, working and buzzing, so you labored extra time for quarantine catch-up week, crossing all of the t’s, and dotting all of the i’s.  The gymnasium is lastly open, throbbing and hopping, so that you killed it double-time for all of the misplaced leg days, banging out the barbell lunges and slamming down these single-leg squats.

It’s late, hot, and darkish.  And all you need to do is bathe, eat, and sleep.

What you don’t want is to must spend one more 5 lengthy minutes out within the pitch-black warmth of the midnight hours sorting by means of that thick lump of keys in your pocket, all simply to search out the one which opens your entrance door.

What you do want is a compact resolution to this complicated drawback.

What you do want is KeySmart!

Key Smart?

Keychain!  It’s the S-shaped savior of your clogged-up key ring.

No, actuallyFormed like an S and slim like a Swiss knife, KeySmart is a keyring roomy sufficient to carry ALL the keys but lean sufficient to hog NONE of the house.

However how?  Gained’t all these keys on one keychain simply Charlie-horse you within the thigh everytime you sit down at your desk or hop into your automotive seat?

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As a result of the KeySmart S-shaped design permits for as many as eight keys (sure, you heard that proper!) to fold into the KeySmart keychain like instruments that fold right into a pocket knife, one atop the opposite, which is definite to go away you Charlie-horse-free!

No More!

No extra display screen scratches on that thousand-dollar smartphone that used to share a pocket along with your key chain ring.

No extra fats key chain rings to fish-hook the lip of your pockets and spill your credit cards all around the floor.

No extra free keys to catch a thread in your pocket and rip a layer of material out of your pants.

And no extra 60 seconds or extra spent fumbling by means of a cumbersome hunk of keys…

As a result of a pair of naked fingers and 60 seconds or much less are all it takes to trash that outdated key organizer, connect all of your keys to your model new KeySmart, and depart wasted time within the rearview!

Sure, KeySmart is fast, pliable, and dependable!



How Reliable Is Keymaster?

Anyone studying this have a tendency to drop issues?   *Slowly raises hand*

Yeah, we’ve all been there.  You don’t need to have to fret about dropping but one other delicate gadget on one more piece of pavement such as you simply did that scratched-up thousand-dollar smartphone that you just skimped on shopping for the safety plan for.  However don’t fear, as a result of the KeySmart isn’t delicate, and the two-year guarantee doesn’t price further.

That’s proper!  Made with lower than three ounces of stainless-steel and aircraft-grade aluminum, Key Smart is designed to final and work quick

With all kinds of keys!

The automotive key, the house key, the gate key, the storage key, the mailbox key, the kennel key, even the storage container key and another keys you’d quite have and never want than want and never have, whether or not they’re broad, tall, international, or small, practically all of your keys will match snugly into KeySmart’s prolonged body like sticks right into a pack of chewing gum.

Even your automotive key fob!  Simply connect it to KeySmart with the FREE loop accent, and that’s the final time you’ll have to fret about shedding it to that darkish trench between the seat and the middle console the place all these misplaced French fries have piled up over time.

However you recognize what’s worse than misplaced French fries and virtually worse than misplaced keys?

LOUD keys.

You already know, these loud keys that dangle and JANGLE in opposition to the door like Santa’s sleigh bells while you’re attempting to wrench that rusted deadbolt to the left, thus waking up half your neighbors and saying to all of them that you just’ve survived one more day of additional time and field squats.

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Effectively, annoy your neighbors no extra as a result of KeySmart is as refined as it’s slim.

Simply screw every key comfortable into KeySmart throughout your less-than-60-second meeting and also you received’t hear a single click on, clack, or clap from the up-to-eight keys that your KeySmart can carry.

So, pull KeySmart out of your pocket and thumb out any key, jingle-free!


KeySmart wouldn’t be so smart if all it did was hold a bunch of keys and make rather less noise, proper?

Effectively, not solely does KeySmart make rather less noise, and never solely does KeySmart take lower than 60 seconds to assemble, and never solely does KeySmart carry as much as eight keys, but it surely does all three of these issues whereas holding a bunch of different instruments which you can add on at checkout.

Bottle Opener

Like hanging out with pals to decompress and watch a recreation on the weekend?

Add on the Bottle Opener at checkout.  It’ll be there while you want it most and it’ll fold again inside your KeySmart and keep out of sight while you’re again within the workplace on Monday morning.

Keysmart – Thumbdrive

And while you’re again within the workplace on Monday morning received’t you want all of your recordsdata that you just labored additional time on over the weekend while you sit down at your desk?

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So, add on the 16 GB USB Thumb Drive at checkout to hold your crucial knowledge with you on the go and with out fear as a result of with its robust aluminum housing, the thumbdrive is prime to guard your recordsdata from falls and harsh parts.

Nano Gentle

Bored with looking aimlessly for the keyhole and ripping up the paint in your door when it’s darkish late at evening?

Add on the Nano Gentle at checkout.  It’s the highly effective, stainless-steel flashlight that received’t bend, break, rust, or depart you hopelessly looking for out that crafty keyhole at the hours of darkness ever once more.

Pocket Clip

Trying to save much more house?

Add on the Pocket Clip at checkout to maintain your keys safe however accessible on the surface of your pocket and to go away further house in your pocket.  It’s no-snag design permits you to shortly seize your keys on the go!

Get KeySmart!

So now, after you’ve spent the entire day working additional time, dotting all of the t’s and crossing all of the i’s for quarantine catch-up week . . . 

And after you’ve killed it double-time on the fitness center for all of the misplaced leg days, banging out the barbell lunges and slamming down these single-leg squats . . .

And it’s late, sizzling, and darkish, and all you need to do is bathe, eat, and sleep . . .

You don’t must spend one other 5 lengthy minutes out within the pitch-black warmth of the midnight hours sorting by means of that thick lump of keys in your pocket, all simply to search out the one which opens your entrance door.

Gone are the times of fumbling by means of a fistful of keys and historical past are the moments the place that fistful of keys clanked in opposition to the door, aggravated your neighbors and stabbed you within the thigh.

As a result of KeySmart is complicated made compact, and compact made handy.

So don’t simply get sensibleget KeySmart!

KeySmart The Best Compact Pocket Size Key Holder

KeySmart The Best Compact Pocket Size Key Holder

Keysmart Reviews

I love the concept, and the two days that it lasted were great. My work keys fit in my pocket, didn’t stab me in the leg, and didn’t make a loud noise, but then on day 2 I dropped it from waist-high onto a concrete floor, and the post sheared off and broke, rendering it completely useless. On top of that, KeySmart customer service told me that since I didn’t buy directly from them, there is no warranty. Very disappointed that any customer service department would say something like that – especially since according to Amazon, I bought it directly from KeySmart on here….
I have no relationship with this company and I purchased this product wholly on my own. I have never been compensated for any review.#
I ordered this product along with the 2 to 32 key expansion package. You can see in my photo that I configured it differently than the instructions show to. I was carrying all 20 of these keys on a 2 in. key ring – which I had to put in a padded pouch in my pocket to keep them from rubbing holes in my pants and sores on my thighs. It took me a couple of hours to configure it in the most compact way possible, plus I used rubber spacer washers from my holster making supplies. The end result is 2 inches wide and so flat that I have to put my hand in my pocket to even know they are there.
However right here’s the deal…

Don’t let its easy and smooth look idiot! KeySmart is sturdy and constructed to final too! Whenever you maintain and really feel the durability of a KeySmart for the primary time, you’ll know you’re holding high quality craftsmanship!

Easily Customize Your KeySmart To Make A Helpful Multipurpose Tool!

With a lot of cool equipment to select from, you possibly can immediately flip your boring keychain right into a nifty, multi-useful device. Listed here are just some

The place Can I Get One?

You may get your very own KeySmart by merely going to their website right here.