Best Affordable Raw Denim

Raw denim is a type of denim fabric that has not been pre-washed or pre-treated. This makes it stiffer and less comfortable than other types of denim, but it also means that raw denim will age better over time and develop a unique patina based on how you wear and wash it. If you’re looking for the best affordable raw denim, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First, look for a brand that uses Japanese selvedge denim, which is considered to be the highest quality. Second, choose a mid-weight denim that’s around 12 ounces – this will be stiff at first but will soften up over time. And finally, make sure you try on the jeans before you buy them so you can get the right fit.

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Raw denim is the Holy Grail for many denim aficionados. It’s the purest form of the fabric, and it’s also usually the most expensive. But what if you’re on a budget?

Is there such a thing as affordable raw denim? The short answer is yes! There are plenty of brands out there that offer raw denim at a more reasonable price point.

Here are some of our favorites: Gap 1969 – This line from Gap is all about classic, American-made styles. And their raw jeans are no exception.

They’re simple and straightforward, without any bells and whistles. And at just $88, they won’t break the bank. Levi’s 501 CT – These Levi’s are a slightly more modern take on the classic 501 style.

They’re still made in America with 100% cotton denim. But they have a slimmer cut and a higher waistline. And at $98, they’re still very affordable.

Uniqlo UJ – Uniqlo is known for their great basics, and their UJ raw jeans are no different. They’re Japanese-made with premium Selvedge denim. And at just $60, they’re an absolute steal!

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Are Raw Jeans Worth It?

Raw denim, also known as dry denim, is denim that has not been washed after dying. Raw denim jeans will usually be stiff and slightly uncomfortable when first worn, but they will soften and conform to the wearer’s body over time. Many people believe that raw jeans are worth the initial discomfort because they will look better and last longer than pre-washed jeans.

Raw denim jeans will usually fade in areas that experience a lot of friction, such as the thighs or pockets. This fading is often considered attractive and adds to the character of the jeans. Raw denim can also be repaired more easily than pre-washed denim, so it may end up lasting longer in the long run.

If you’re considering buying raw denim jeans, it’s important to know that they require some special care. You should never wash them in a washing machine – instead, spot clean them with a damp cloth or hand wash them in cold water. Hang drying is best to prevent shrinkage.

With proper care, raw denim jeans can be an investment piece that you enjoy for years to come.

Does Levi Make Raw Denim?

Yes, Levi makes raw denim. Raw denim is a type of denim fabric that has not been pre-washed or treated in any way after being dyed. This means that raw denim will shrink and mould to your body shape over time, making it unique to you.

Levi’s offers a range of raw denim jeans for both men and women, in a variety of fits and styles. So whether you’re looking for a skinny fit or a relaxed fit, there’s sure to be a pair of Levi’s raw denim jeans that are perfect for you.

Is Rigid Denim the Same As Raw Denim?

Raw denim is a type of denim that has not been pre-washed or treated in any way after it has been dyed. This means that raw denim will usually be stiff and rigid when you first purchase it, until you break it in and soften it up yourself through wear. Rigid denim is simply another term for raw denim – it’s just stiff and unyielding before you’ve worn it in.

Should You Size down in Raw Denim?

When it comes to raw denim, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. The best way to determine whether you should size down or not is to try on a few pairs and see what fits best. However, there are a few general guidelines you can follow.

If you’re looking for a slim fit, then sizing down is usually the way to go. Raw denim tends to stretch out over time, so if you buy a pair that’s too big, it will only get worse with wear. On the other hand, if you want a more relaxed fit, then sizing up may be the better option.

Keep in mind that how your denim fits will also depend on the brand and style of jeans you choose. Some brands tend to run small while others are true to size or even large. And finally, don’t forget that raw denim is meant to be worn tight at first anyway, so don’t be afraid of going for a snug fit when choosing your size.

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Best Affordable Raw Denim


Uniqlo Selvedge Jeans

Uniqlo selvedge jeans are a great option for anyone looking for a quality pair of jeans. The selvedge denim is woven on traditional shuttle looms, which results in a stronger and more durable fabric. These jeans also have a clean, minimal look that is perfect for any outfit.

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Raw denim is a type of denim that has not been treated with any chemicals or dyes and is in its natural state. It is usually a darker shade of blue and has a rougher texture than regular denim. Raw denim is also heavier and more durable, making it ideal for jeans that will be worn often.

The best part about raw denim is that it can be customized to your own taste by adding different washes and treatments.

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