Best .38 Weapon Fallout 4

38 Weapon The best .38 weapon in Fallout 4 is the Pipe Revolver. It’s a craftable weapon that uses .38 rounds, and it does an extra 25% damage to humans.

The downside is that it’s not very accurate, but the upside is that it’s extremely powerful. If you’re looking for a weapon to take down human foes quickly and efficiently, then the Pipe Revolver is the weapon for you.

If you’re looking for the best .38 weapon in Fallout 4, look no further than the Pipe Revolver. This revolver is incredibly accurate and powerful, making it a great choice for any player who wants to deal some serious damage. The only downside to the Pipe Revolver is its relatively small magazine size, but with such high accuracy and power, you shouldn’t have any trouble taking down your enemies before they can get too close.

Fallout 4 Best .38 cal Rifle Weapon Ever Xbox one

Best Pipe Weapon Fallout 4

When it comes to finding the best pipe weapon in Fallout 4, there are a few things that you need to take into account. The first is what type of damage you want to do with your weapon. Pipe weapons can either be used for melee or ranged attacks, so depending on your playstyle, you’ll want to choose accordingly.

If you’re looking for a melee option, the Shishkebab is probably your best bet. It does a good amount of damage and can set enemies on fire, which is always nice. If you want a ranged option, the Pipe Gun is a good choice.

It doesn’t do as much damage as the Shishkebab, but it has a much higher rate of fire, which can be helpful in some situations. Another thing to consider is what type of ammo you want to use with your pipe weapon. For both the Shishkebab and the Pipe Gun, you have the option of using regular bullets or plasma cartridges.

Plasma cartridges will do more damage, but they’re also more expensive and harder to find. Regular bullets are cheaper and easier to find, but they won’t do as much damage. Ultimately, it’s up to you which type of ammo you want to use; just keep in mind that plasma cartridges will help your pipe weapon perform better overall.

Best .38 Weapon Fallout 4


What Guns Use .38 Rounds in Fallout 4?

In Fallout 4, there are a variety of guns that use .38 rounds. The type of gun will determine what kind of .38 round it uses. For example, the revolver uses a .38 revolver round, while the pistol uses a .38 auto round.

There are also some energy weapons that use .38 rounds, such as the plasma pistol and laser pistol. In terms of ammunition, .38 rounds are relatively common and can be found in many locations throughout the game world.

What is the Strongest Weapon in Fallout 4?

The strongest weapon in Fallout 4 is the mini nuke. It does the most damage per shot of any weapon in the game, and can kill most enemies in one hit. However, it is very rare and expensive, so it may not be worth it for some players.

What is the Best Machine Gun in Fallout 4?

In Fallout 4, the best machine gun is undoubtedly the Minigun. It’s a high-powered, rapid-fire weapon that can tear through enemies with ease. It’s also relatively accurate, making it a great choice for both close and long range combat.

The only downside to the Minigun is its weight, which makes it difficult to carry around for extended periods of time.

What Gun Uses .38 Ammo in Fallout 76?

In Fallout 76, the .38 revolver is a weapon that uses .38 ammunition. This gun can be found in a few different places around the map, but it is most commonly found in vendors or in player’s inventories. The .38 revolver does decent damage and has a good fire rate, making it a good choice for players who want to deal some quick damage.

This gun can also be modified with various scopes and grips to make it more effective in combat.


When it comes to the best .38 weapon in Fallout 4, there are a few options to choose from. The first is the .38 revolver, which can be found early on in the game and is a good choice for those looking for a powerful handgun. Another option is the .357 magnum, which packs a bit more punch than the revolver but is harder to find.

Finally, there is the 10mm pistol, which has the highest damage output of any of the .38 weapons but is also very rare. Whichever weapon you choose, you’re sure to find yourself with a powerful sidearm that will help you survive in the wasteland.

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